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Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger



Ben Eichelberger

Bass/Stomp Box




Teneia began as the solo work of Teneia Sanders-Eichelberger. A performer her whole life, Sanders-Eichelberger got her start singing in churches and school choirs while growing up in Jackson, MS. After learning guitar at eighteen and playing venues around Jackson, she made a move to Louisville, KY and pursued a full-time career in musical performance. She became popular in the Louisville scene for her angelic voice and raw, honest songwriting, and also enjoyed success with her band Teneia Sanders & The Highlands.

In 2010 Sanders-Eichelberger relocated to Phoenix, AZ, and continued to build her name as a standout acoustic singer/songwriter. In 2012 she met her future husband, Ben Eichelberger, and in 2014 they started a band called Teneia & The Maybees. By 2015 the couple had made the change to a duo format, and decided to take their music on the road full-time to spread a message of love and equality through their songs. After completing a successful crowd-funding campaign, the two took a huge leap of faith: they sold most of their possessions and bought a 32-foot travel trailer to tour North America and reach more hearts with their message.


Teneia continues to perform in various formats as they tour, enlisting the help of accompanying musicians along the way. They strongly believe in being heart-centered artists, and they strive to help their fans connect more deeply with themselves and with each other.


 "With the skill of a jazz singer and a warm, disarming stage presence, Teneia can make her voice do just about anything — charm you into a hypnotic trance, make your heart beat faster, or motivate you to get out of your chair and dance."  -  David Accomazzo, Phoenix New Times 
“A cross between Ani DiFranco and Aretha Franklin...”  -  Herman Snell, Jackson Free Press
"I get the feeling Teneia could breathe soul into just about anything."  -  J.K. Oliver, EarCandy Mazagine


Based in Jackson, MS

Active since 2007

Genre: Soul/Rock



 Teneia Sanders  |  teneia@teneia.com  |  602-772-0513